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Suzy Hobson

the man who slept in his car

ours was the last house next

to the patch - a dirt of waste ground

where road turned to track -

where home spun mechanics


tune-ups, oil changes

whole engine transplants

aficionados of wreck


he’d arrive there at dusk

park on the gravel

outside the light pool

from the last lamp

his nibs is back

my father would say

right under my bedroom

scared - I’d peep out

see dim cigarette glow

through misted glass

safe in a warm bed

sleep blanked out thoughts

of a man hunched and cold

asleep in his car

they found him one morning

with the engine running

no one would tell me

I asked in Science

about carbon monoxide


he started to creep

back in through my dreams

a half shadow lit

by a bright glowing ember

I picked February flowers

wild from the hedgerows

a small private ceremony

on his old parking place 

yellow primroses arranged in a cross


we’d made our peace

he never came back

Suzy Hobson is at her most content walking the shoreline with her dogs, Suzy feels fortunate to have lived all her life near a beach. She grew up in Aberystwyth on the West Coast of Wales, swapping sunsets over the sea to sunrises, when she moved to Scarborough on Yorkshire’s East Coast.

Suzy has always enjoyed disappearing into the world of words. As a child she would entertain a captive audience of family, dolls, and cats, with the productions she wrote for her puppet theatre.

There’s usually a hint of menace in her short stories, a sense of the fragility of life in her poems and her song lyrics are poignant.  Her favourite genre is sci-fi – where endless possibilities are on offer. 

Published work –

2 short stories in Crosscurrent – short stories and poems about The Newport Ship, by Cwtsh Writers (2018)

1 short story and 4 poems in Five at Four – an anthology of poems and prose by the Gartholwg Writers (2022)

short story/poetry – ASP Literary Journal #7

lyrics – Man Alone, Dave Dark and the Sharks

            Aphrodite and the Astronaut, Dave Dark and the Sharks

            Stockhausen Syndrome, Dave Dark and the Sharks

             The Gazebo Effect, album, Dave Dark and the Sharks

                 (played on Radio 1, Radio 6, Spotify, Youtube)

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