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Dogs Darnborough

Editor in Chief
Fiction editor

Even the impossible is possible! It just takes time, dedication and perserverence.

I've had an eclectic life to date, I was the Literature editor for one of the first online magazines set up in the early '90's. I am a published writer, retired counsellor and, once upon a time trained to be a forensic archaeologist, but life took me down a different path.


Poetry editor

Issue #3 - On hiatus.


Rachel Carney - Guest editor for Issue #4.

Jamie Spraklen - Permanent editor from Issue #5.

Danielle Farrington

Art editor

My name is Dan Farrington, I am a local artist based in Abergavenny. My preferred medium is prismacolour coloured pencils; and photorealism is what I like to do best.


The colours of the hills and the skies in the surrounding area are where I take my inspiration from; always ending up on the darker side of the rainbow.

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