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Dogs Darnborough

Editor in Chief
Fiction editor

Even the impossible is possible! It just takes time, dedication and perserverence.

I've had an eclectic life to date, I was the Literature editor for one of the first online magazines set up in the early '90's. I am a published writer, retired counsellor and, once upon a time trained to be a forensic archaeologist, but life took me down a different path.

Jamie Spracklen

Poetry editor

"Jamie William Spracklen (1973-?) is an internationally published poet, writer, and editor for over thirty years, most notably of the small press literature magazines, Monas Hieroglypica and Visionary Tongue Magazine and as co-founder in 2002 of Sundown, a multi media arts community group which focused on providing open-mic opportunities for local writers and musicians in his local area. 

He is currently masquerading as a community archaeologist in darkest Essex, UK. Dark rumours continue to surface however that he working on a possible third collection of his verse to appear this century entitled Embracing Medusa.

Danielle Farrington

Art editor

My name is Dan Farrington, I am a local artist based in Abergavenny. My preferred medium is prismacolour coloured pencils; and photorealism is what I like to do best.


The colours of the hills and the skies in the surrounding area are where I take my inspiration from; always ending up on the darker side of the rainbow.

Sharif Gemie

Reader & In-house author

Sharif is a retired Professor of History. He was a university lecturer for 32 years. Originally a historian of modern Europe, he grew interested in the histories of marginalized and minority peoples in Europe. He wrote (or co-wrote) eight non-fiction works, and countless academic articles. His most important books include: Women and Schooling: Gender, Authority and Identity in the Female Schooling Sector, France, 1815-1914 (Keele University Press, 1995); Galicia: A Concise History (Cardiff: UWP, 2006); French Muslims: New Voices in Contemporary France (Cardiff: UWP, 2010); Outcast Europe: Refugees and Relief Workers in an Age of Total War, 1936-48 (London: Continuum, 2011), co-authored with Fiona Reid and Laure Humbert; and The Hippy Trail: A History (1957—88) (Manchester University Press, 2017), co-authored with Brian Ireland.

            After retirement, he turned to writing fiction. To date, he has published twelve short stories and flash fictions, including:

A Visitor,’ in Carmel Mawle (ed), DoveTales: an International Journal of the Arts (2018), pp. 139—51.

The Map and the Migrant,’ in Emma Larking (ed), We Refugees (Raleigh, North Carolina: Pact Press 2019), pp. 69—73.

Leonard and the Mad Girl’, Magazine of History and Fiction 1:4 (Winter 2019)

Helping the People Help Themselves’, Storgy (

Jack T. Canis

Reader & In-house author

Jack has had an eclectic career spanning archaeology, self-employment as an armourer, a person centred counsellor and a nanny recruiter! He has been published in a number of countries and magazines incl. Teleport magazine, Purple Wall Stories (Honourable mention), Datura, Sledgehammer, Potato Soup Journal & incl in two anthologies published by Monnath Books & one anthology by Purple Wall Stories. Recently longlisted in the Bridport Flash Fiction Competition (2021).

Twitter: @jackcanis

© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.