Submissions (Literary journal)

Closing date for submissions: 30th September 2020.

We accept most genres and artistic mediums (see below for what we don't accept). If you are uncertain about a piece of work you are considering sending us please feel free to email your query and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. During submission periods, this response will be within the submission window. 

What we want:

Generally we avoid running themed editions, however, for the first edition of our journal we are looking for work relating to beginnings, fresh starts and/or creation. But don't be put off sending us your work if you have nothing that fits this theme.


Flash fiction up to 750 words (submit up to two (2) pieces).

Short story up to 3000 words (submit up to two (2) pieces.


Please send up to five (5) pieces. No specific word count. 


Please send up to six (6) pieces. Artwork or photographs. Photography:  no portraits nor modelling shots, please. We are looking for life through the lens, however you may perceive that. Innovative, tangential, obscure, we like. We accept JPEG & PNG. Art: no fan art, nor scultures, but pretty much anything else.

General requirements

A covering letter with your manuscript/artwork attached to your email; emails to be addressed to:

Submissions received via Facebook or our contact form will be rejected.

We accept .doc and .docx, no pdfs please. We will also consider .odt files, but if we have dificulties accessing them we will request you sending them as .doc or .docx.

In the subject line please put: 'Submission - your name - whether fiction, poetry or artwork.'

All prose manuscripts to be standard formatting, left margin justified, 12 point, except for headings/titles which will be 14 point and underlined, double spaced. In either Times New Roman or Courier New. No Comic Sans or other funky styles please (we appreciate everyone is different and find different fonts easier to read; as we will be reading your work, these are our preferred fonts for reading). If there are specific paragraph breaks in your work, indicating a completely new section to the piece, do not double space it, identify it with '*'s. Three '*'s across the line to indicate the break of text. For a good guide on how to present your manuscript to us, please use William Shunn's guide - link:

(Note: William Shunn uses '#'s for paragraph breaks, we prefer '*'s)

Please include in your covering email an author's bio (3rd person), no more than 150 words. Please list separately any work that has been previously published, where and when.

Fiction submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions, but if you are accepted elsewhere, please notify us as soon as possible that you are withdrawing your work.

Poetry submissions

The poems must have been worked on, either in workshops or visibly have had time spent on them. There is a place for raw, unfettered emotional poetry, but ASP isn't it.

We are interested in work that is progressive and reads in a unique, challenging way. If you write in strict metre or rhyme, this is perhaps not the place for you (unless you can subvert that strictness in a particularly interesting way). 

No simultaneous submissions.

Artwork submissions

We are looking for original pieces. No fan art please. For publication we will require high quality pictures; if we like your work, but the picture quality isn't up to scratch we will require better quality pictures. 

We would be interested in photography, but no sculpture at this time.

What we don't want

No fan fiction or fan art, non-fiction or romance.

Nothing that is racist, homophobic, transphobic. Overt incitement of religious intolerance. We understand that the world has violence and profanity and we would expect to see that mirrored in the work if applicable, but not to excess. When/if appropriate for the story and/or character(s). We don't want to see the writer living vicariously through their fantasies. If you are uncertain about a piece, because you may think it's too dark, please email us to discuss it. We write dark here too and sometimes it's hard to know just how far you can push the boundaries.

No reprints/previously published work. If you have posted your work on your blog, social media page or any other outlet then this constitutes first publication and therefore, disqualifies it for submission with us.

Please ensure you own the copyright on your work. We do not accept reprints unless specifically requested. Currently we will only be accepting manuscripts in the English language.

We take First World Electronic publication rights, exclusive for three (3) months. You are free to submit it to other agencies/publishers after three (3) months from publication date on our site. If accepted elsewhere please acknowledge the work as being first published by ASP publishing and the year of publication. We also take Archive rights for one (1) year; if you present your work to other publishers during this time you will need to make them aware of this fact.

In the event that your work is to be considered for inclusion in an anthology of best ASP stories, you will be notified in advance and separate contractual arrangements will be discussed with you. Anthology rights will be required by ASP for the inclusion of your piece. Anthologies will be available as both printed and electronic book versions. Author Royalties may apply.

ASP is a new venture run by volunteers and for now we are unable to offer financial recompense for your work. We hope this will change as we grow, keep up to date on this by subscribing.


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