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ASP Literary Journal - Archive #1

Welcome to ASP’s inaugural online quarterly journal, October 2020. We hope you enjoy the content and the work of the contributors, who have successfully made it into our first publication. I would like to thank my fellow editors for all their hard work in ensuring we had the best content to publish. Thus, begins ASP's publishing career, a new beginning and we hope that our efforts will ensure future success for all the contributors who pass through our hallowed halls.


We hope the work presented below will run the gamut of the emotional rollercoaster for you; from humorous to melancholic, from thought provoking to inspiring.


Many of our contributors have their own websites and social media forums, so please go and visit them for more examples of their work and/or contact them direct. If you wish to connect with any one of them, feel free to email ASP and we can pass on your enquiries.


And finally, we will be paying a fond farewell to George Sandifer-Smith, Poetry Editor, who sadly will be leaving us as he pursues other projects and his own writing career. So, we will be looking for a new guest poetry editor in time for the next journal.




Dogs Darnborough – Editor-in-Chief.


© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.
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October 10th 2020

Alex Barr - Always a bit of a loser

Oliver Barton - The shortest day

Tony Curtis - Hearts

Andrew Davis - Waiting; Ghost romance

Mike Farrell-Deveau - On the animal

                             intelligence index

Stephen Glascoe - Intelligent fingers

Karenne Griffin - Art; The promised land

Tony Lawrence - Hard to resist

Martin Locock - Prey

Julie Primon - In the castle

October 10th 2020

Jackie Biggs - I am Water; Cantre’r Gwaelod

Mark Blayney - Beach supper

Rachel Carney - The last day; Cymraeg

Tony Curtis - Kate's Hare; Claude and

                 Chouchou at Le Moulleau, 1916

Steven Feeney - Ice World

Rhiannon Fielder-Hobbs - Bricks & Mortar;   


Alex Hubbard - The duel; He dreams she is 


Suzanne Iuppa - The first fire

Niamh Keoghan - Canada House

Alwyn Marriage - Beginning small

Edmund Morton - The Chasm Closes

Mary Senier - Stourbridge Glassworks; The old 

                   oak tree

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