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ASP – Abergavenny Small Press, hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’.

  • Contact information for clients, publishers, cover artists, editors, proof readers et. al. maybe requested for the purposes of consistent communication between the company and those parties previously mentioned.

  • Bank details for payment of royalties &/or invoices, especially regular clients or contractors will be requested for payments due from the company to the relevant aforementioned parties.

  • Contact information and bank details can only be given to the company with the express permission of the individual party; the company may request such information, but the individual is at liberty to deny the company such information.

  • We NEVER sell information on to other companies, third parties or other vendors.

  • We only pass on personal information to other parties with the express written consent of the person(s) in question.

  • We do not use the personal information for marketing purposes, unless where applicable for the development and furthering of an individual’s career – e.g. promotion of a book; and then, only, with their written consent.

  • We do not use personal information for research or statistical purposes. Should this ever change, we will make it known within our privacy policy and, where applicable, gain written consent from all parties that would be part of that research.

  • ALL personal information collected is purely for use within the company for the purposes of ease of contact with said individual or company, for the purposes, where applicable, for payments due by the company to said individuals. Or for requesting of updates, edits, new submissions and the like.

  • All financial information will be held securely offline to avoid loss of data through hacking or other online attempts to gain information about our clients/contractors.

  • If you believe we hold personal information about you, you may request of us to tell you the extent of that information. We are legally obligated to fully inform you what information we hold on you and for what purposes that information has been used. You may request to withdraw your information from us, or add to it as you see fit. We are legally obliged to conform with your wishes and will do so forthwith.

  • Some information maybe made public, but again only with consent by the individual in question. Such information would be public domain information such as an author’s website or blog page. This will occur during publication of interviews and part of the marketing process to heighten said individual’s public presence.

  • We reserve the right to review and adjust our policy processing with regard to privacy/GDPR legislation at any time to ensure it is compliant with said legislation. If we make any changes to the above policy, we will notify all parties we hold personal information for, plus announce the changes publicly through our website and social media platforms.

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