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ASP Literary Journal - Archive #3

Welcome to Issue #3 of ASP's Literary Journal. As usual there seems to be something working against us here to get our quarterly out. Spacing issues are becoming more prevalent, but not being savvy with the IT I'm not getting to resolve them. This is the project to overcome before Issue #4 can be delivered. Watch this space to see if I implode!

Issue #3 is a slightly smaller issue than previously, because of this. So well done to all our contributors for making the cut, which was harder than usual. An unexpected theme has developed through the fiction that has been presented to us this quarter. Can you spot it? 

Future projects which are in the offing, but only if I resolve the space issue, are to open up a comments area for discussions and comments on our contributors' work. Feedback is always essential, no matter what art form you follow. And, also, we have been thinking of instituting a tip jar of some kind. The money from this could be used for paying our contributors for their work - although I suspect my fellow editors may wish to see a free coffee from this as well. All to be considered. If you join our subscribers' list we can keep you up to date on whatever may transpire. 

Finally, Issue #4 will welcome the return of poetry submissions and we welcome to our fold, Rachel Carney, Guest Poetry editor.


So, dip in, stay for as long as you like, or have time for. Remember we are always here, if you only have time for one poem now, maybe another time you’ll have time for a longer stay. Enjoy, have fun and we hope the content remains with you long after you have left.


Dogs Darnborough, Editor-in-Chief.

© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.
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Image by Erol Ahmed


© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.


April 10th 2021

Bob Baker - Solution Focused Brief 


Mark Blickley - No Head No Pain

Pat Coates - Island of Speculation

Andrew Davis - Possession/The New                         New Testament

Mike Farrell - Jonarch

Sharif Gemie - Plandemic

Tony Lawrence - AA

J M Curry - Did TJ get it 

                        wrong?/The Kiss

Zach Murphy - I Travelled this far

                    because I Love You

David Pearce - Chapter Six/Scottatura 

                    con prurito

April 10th 2021

Ronan Berry - Heirloom/Mowing Down

Sheena Bradley - Seeing is Believing 

Lourda Delaney - Gresham Hotel

Natascha Graham - Gillian

Ceinwen Haydon - Leaving Her Forever 


Rhea Johnson - Walking

David Pearce - Affinity

Ceri Savage - Goats on a Roof

Gerry Stewart - Diving

© 2021 'Art' image by Danielle Farrington. All Rights Reserved.

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