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Guidelines for book submissions

We are currently closed for book submissions

Please email ASP direct with your submission, to the following email address:​

In the first instance, tell us your name (incl. pseudonym if used), title of manuscript and send a short synopsis (1500 words max). If we like what we see we will then request the following. Currently we are only accepting manuscripts in English. 

Submission to include:

  • Writer’s name and pseudonym/byline, if you’re using one.

  • Author biography – no more than 2000 words – tell us about yourself, your inspirations & influences, and your life.

  • We also need to know how you were inspired to write your book and if there are any future books in the offing, either attached to this one or completely separate projects. In a separate document. No more than 500 words.

  • Full synopsis – includes story arc, plot, any cunning little twists you may have put in (including the final shocker – we're not readers, we need to know everything up front), characters & protagonists.

  • First two chapters, plus one chapter from the end of the novel (your choice). 

  • Word count, rounded up, for the full manuscript.

  • Finally, in no more than 100 words (a drabble), sell yourself & your book to us.

A covering letter, which must include writer’s name and pseudonym, if used, and full contact details. You may include how you heard about this opportunity and could be a good place to put your 100 words selling yourself and your project.

Manuscript to be in Times New Roman or Courier New font, 12 point, except for chapter headings (14 point & underlined). Left margin justified, double spaced. Where you have a break in your text which is more significant than a simple paragraph break, please indicate as such with the use of ‘*’s. Three ‘*’s across the line. Do not simply use a double-spaced paragraph. Second and subsequent paragraphs after a page or sequence break or on a new chapter to be indented. Your manuscript also needs to be what you consider to be the finished article, no more redrafts or touch ups. Of course, for the purposes of publication it is highly unlikely this will be the case – various forms of editing and proof reading will have to be gone through before it is perfect. Please be prepared, if an acceptance is offered to you, for your manuscript to undergo changes, from simple typo corrections to a full rewrite.

If accepted you will need to send the full manuscript to ASP publishing, for full consideration. Again, please ensure this is the final draft.

If ASP extends a full acceptance to you with the view of publishing your work, full contractual details will be sent along with requests for all other information that maybe required.

Good luck and don't feel intimidated by the above guidelines, these are there to help us make the most of your dream.

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