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A compelling tale of love, loss and hope in the ruins of World War Two.


In 1945, an idealistic young couple set out from London to work in Europe. Edmund and Eleanor feel called to be part of the humanitarian mission to help the millions of people displaced by conflict and fascism.


Back home, Edmund was a bookseller and Eleanor an ambulance-driver, fired up by socialism and feminism. They aim to help refugees rebuild their lives, but volunteering for a UN agency means confronting bureaucracy and corruption.


Edmund struggles to lead a UN humanitarian team, while Eleanor grows disillusioned. On top of these problems, Eleanor hides a troubling secret which will drop like a bombshell into the marriage.


From Britain, to France, Germany, Poland and beyond.


A poignant story of a couple struggling to understand each other with the backdrop of Europe at a crossroads.

'The Displaced' - A novel by Sharif Gemie

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