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ASP Literary Journal Issue #11

Welcome all to another issue of the ASP Literary Journal, Issue #11. We hope that you all had a good Christmas and New Year, if you celebrate these events and, if not, that those who do celebrate them didn't annoy you too much. For this issue we still had no poetry editor, so another small issue being published here. We have had an offer for a new poetry editor, which in most circumstances would have lifted my spirits. Unfortunately, Issue #11 will be the last journal ASP will be publishing for the foreseeable future. Due to personal reasons I will be putting ASP on hiatus. Sharif Gemie's debut novel, 'The Displaced', will be the only work to be published after this journal. Do please keep visiting the site though, as there will be updates from time to time on when the journal may restart.

While you're visiting our journal, why not pop into our shop and purchase some archive copies of the journal or Jack's book of gruesome short stories. Also coming soon, 'The Displaced' by Sharif Gemie, the story of two young lovers caught in the turmoil of post-war Nazi Europe - a harrowing tale of love, loss & hope. You can pre-order your copy now, from the shop.

Enough chat - time to read - So, dip in, stay for as long as you like, or have time for. Remember we are always here, if you only have time for one story now, maybe another time you’ll have time for a longer stay. Enjoy, have fun and we hope the content remains with you long after you have left.

Dogs Darnborough, Editor-in-Chief.

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