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Cheryl Caesar

Artist's statement

Cheryl Caesar is an ex- expatriate; she returned after 25 years living, studying and teaching in Paris, Tuscany and Sligo to a few miles from her childhood home. She now teaches writing at Michigan State University, her undergraduate alma mater.


Cheryl’s chapbook of Trump protest poetry Flatman is available from Amazon, and some of her Michigan poems, watercolors and charcoal sketches appear in Words Across the Water, volumes 1 and 2, a collaboration between the Lansing and Chicago poetry clubs. Her artwork has recently been featured in periodicals like Thimble, Highland Park Poetry, Fresh Words, DeLuge Journal, The Washington Square Review, Plants & Poetry journal and Breathe Everyone!

Desktop Explorer.jpeg

"Desktop Explorer" is a collage (with acrylic paint added), based on the screensaver of her Mac, which gives her a feel of great vistas even as she sits at her desk.

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