Paper Craft

A Moment with my Daughter

Susannah Violette

Just like I cut shapes

out of paper she calls me



I wanted to know

if she knew the feeling

of wondering where your seatbelt was

when you rode your bike.


But a question like that

peels back the skin to show

how scared I really am.


She wants to smell my hair

in the warm sun. I am the sun

burning up slowly, brightly.


I see her in silk robes

block printed in plum blossom

speaking a rough eastern tongue

undulating like the Sussex downs,

or a place in China I will never know.


We eat stellar rice with chops sticks.

It takes forever. So we talk

about cats, and how time

is a twist of a Rubics Cube in her hands


When all the sides are the same

I kanji her name on snips of paper

Start again, and again. 2.57minutes


is all it takes for us to renew.

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Susannah Violette lives in the forests of Germany with her husband and two daughters. Nature is the blood of her work. The animals both within us and outside of us fascinate her and her poems become liminal spaces where the edges of these worlds blur. A Pushcart Prize nominee Susannah has had poems placed or commended in the Plough Prize, Westival International Poetry Prize, the Frogmore poetry prize, Coast to Coast to Coast Pamphlet Competition and appeared in various publications worldwide most recently Bloody Amazing,  Pale Fire, For the Silent, Dreich, Alchemy Spoon,  Finished Creatures, Channel and Strix.