Seeing is Believing


Sheena Bradley

In my eighth decade I see 

a photograph of a wild carrot flower, 

tiny scarlet floret at its centre

and deem it artifice. 


In childhood meadows

I race through ubiquitous umbellifers 

stalking field and hedgerow,

cow parsley, tall as myself


smells of mouse, creeps over cowslips

and celandine with delicate grace.

Father calls them fairies’ umbrellas 

and I believe.



in the country park, 

I see one wild carrot on the verge,

a tiny central bract of deepest scarlet 


in a bed of pale pink, 

only fairies 

could have placed that garnet there

for me to see.

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Sheena Bradley was born in a small town in County Derry, Northern Ireland, but has now lived longer in Nottingham than elsewhere.  She worked as a Radiologist in Lincolnshire UK for 22 years. Since retirement she has been writing, mostly poetry but really anything - except radiology reports. Over the past three years she has been published in the Indigo Dreams Publications - Reach, Dawntreader and Sarasvati, also in Orbis, AOITB, Poet’s Choice and Dear Reader. She has also been included in two Anthologies, For The Silent and Crossroads.

She loves mountains, birds, bogs, beaches, (she goes to Kerry for those) clouds, which luckily she can get anywhere, and all sorts of natural things, as well as words and images.