Marble Surface

Serena Piccoli

I love to portrait the shadows, the light, the colours of landscapes, objects and streets around the world. In particular, I have always been amazed by the unlimited creations that light and water make in Venice, which is my favourite city in the world. It is so mesmerizing and stimulating.

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Boat in the canal -  Venice.JPG
Palace - Venice.JPG
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Serena Piccoli: Italian poet\playwright\photographer\charlatan\cyclist\performer\feminist\lesbian\swimmer human rights activist\traveller\chocolate lover

Her political chapbook "silviotrump" was published by Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA.
Her poems and photos are featured in anthologies and magazines in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Croatia, Italy and Romania.

She writes both in English and Italian about social contemporary issues with a touch of irony.

Twitter: @piccoli_serena