Wild Horses in Black & White



Ronán P. Berry

Shiny, blue and white and dusty -

a little ceramic horse drawn carriage

with two little coachmen, blue and white,

placed upon my granduncle’s mantlepiece,

going nowhere.


As the adults babbled, I sat on the floor,

my grandmother, her brother and sisters

on the settee in front of the blazing winter fire,

kindling crackling under glowing coals.

Little Boy Blue, warm and lonesome

waiting for the carriage to take me



With eyes fixed

I swore I saw the driver wink my way,

little did I know that he would be mine in time.

One day he drove onto my mantlepiece

when that house of dreams changed hands

and all were gone, gone, gone away,

I don’t know where.


‘God only knows’, they used to say.

I hope they’re with Him, looking down,

and when my time draws near,

I hope the little carriage

will take me to meet them,

take me there.

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Overall Operation Testing

Mowing Down


Ronán P. Berry

Morning’s dew drops evaporate into the aether

to participate in the weekly seasonal task

of mowing the grass

I begin.


A swaying sea of daisies

greet me among the green carpet

almost mocking, as if to say:

‘You can’t keep a good thing down’.

‘Just you wait and see’, I say and frown.


The ride-on engine splutters

declares it wants no part in this destruction,

it has no say - as I turn the wheels

it’s Hi-Ho Silver, Away!


Less Lone Ranger

more Panzer Commander,

ears muffled against the sound

as countless petalled heads

scatter on the breeze,

cut down in their prime.

Green speared warriors await the same fate.


Mission complete,

I sit and admire like a conquistador

at whose hand a village burns

then lament for the savage deed done

for my innocent victims never hurt anyone.

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Ronán P Berry is a native of County Wexford, Ireland. He has published poems in literary journals in Ireland and is also a renowned Irish traditional ballad singer. His first collection of poetry, ‘Kinsfolk’ is due to be published in the coming weeks. He is a second level teacher of English, History and RE at Wexford CBS Secondary School.