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ASP proudly presents the first in its series of ‘Interviews with local authors’. Our inaugural interview is with Cath Barton, author of the prize winning ‘The Plankton Collector’, published by New Welsh Rarebyte, 2018.

The interview and all forthcoming interviews can be found on our ‘blog’ page of our website: .

If anyone would hope to join Cath in the series, ASP are looking for local published authors/poets/artists to participate. Please email us at: if you would like us to interview you on your current projects, past projects or soon to be published works.

On that note, ASP’s inaugural literary journal will be published in October 2020 and we are still open for submissions for prose, poetry and artwork – please see our website, under ‘Submissions: Literary Journal’ for more details on what we are looking for and how to submit your work:

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