Melanie Harrison-Gearing

Whilst walking on the beach

Whilst Walking On A Beach.JPG
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We love the coast at all times of the year and visit when we can.  We seek out places where there are no other people.  Walking on the sand or rocks, listening to the wind and waves, collecting shells and pebbles with our daughter, seeing the dogs race along the beach…it is ever changing and we gaze at the scene and try to take it all in.  This particular day, the sun was shining in the blue sky and the colours and reflections on the mirror-like beach were mesmerising.

Architectural patterns

Architectural Patterns.jpg
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What I love about this image is the colour pallet and the myriad of angles and shapes that come together to complement one another perfectly.  The curves on the roof and tiles, the edges, the textures, layers and lines. So many geometrical, architectural patterns…the more you look, the more you see.

After the snow...

After The Snow.JPG
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Often, when in our garden, I am captivated by the magnificence of the trees, plants and flowers.  In every season, they can surprise us with blossoming flowers, autumn leaves, wind in the treetops, or new shoots peeping out of the ground.  This image was taken after it had snowed and the crystals were still delicately perched on the branch of a rose tree.  There were glimpses of blue in the sky, which were reflected in the water droplets on the branch.  Nature produces some amazing details for us to admire.

After the rain...

After The Rain.JPG
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One day I looked out the window into our garden and noticed a remarkable display on one of our large conifer bushes.  It was coated in beautiful cobwebs and raindrops.  The silver webs and water against the dark green foliage was stunning, and looked like woven silk and lace.  It was so fascinating that I took my camera outside and tried to capture some of what was being revealed to me.  A mixture of the light, time of day and rain unveiled this combination of beauty, fragility and strength.

Melanie Harrison-Gearing is an amateur photographer based in the beautiful Welsh countryside between Abergavenny and Monmouth.  Originally from the Blaenavon area, with strong family roots in the industrial valley from Griffithtown, through Garndiffaith and up to Brynmawr, Melanie moved away for university and work.  Around twenty years ago, Melanie moved back with her husband, to be closer to their families, and to return home to the soul nourishing space, peace and beauty of Wales.

On walks, at the beach, in the garden or on holiday, Melanie enjoys taking photographs of the landscape, the sky, nature, animals, her family and their two rescue border collies.

Having more time at home this year brought the perfect opportunity for Melanie to create a website and on-line shop at the end of 2020, to share an initial collection of her images and products.  In 2021, Melanie hopes to be able to develop more of an income from her love of photography and from helping local artists to create on-line shops for their art.

Melanie’s photographs are mostly spontaneous, and she aims to capture the fleeting and wonderful moments of joy and awe that surround us.