Melanie Perry


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Kumquat Marmalade

Come. Squat

beside my bush,


grasp the pot-bound


roots, thumb-ease earth


between my toes,


shake and sieve it


fresh on new soil.



From white flowers,


steam my neroli


to perfume-pierce


a lingering night,


condense scent


in golden beads,


studs and rings.



Pick my mandarin globe,


roll it in your fingers


run your index nail


along my pores


release my zest.


Cup each fruit


in your left hand



place them in turn


to your lip.


Bite their tips,


feel the soft crunch,


like a footstep’s tread


as we pause.


Squeeze me



let my juice jizz you.


Cleave me,


suck a pip, dance


its tango


mouth to mouth,


secrete sap,


suck syrup,



pare my peel.


pound my flesh


to preserve


the citrus smack


of slatted breakfast light


through an O so smooth


translucent jam.

Calm Sea

North Sea

In those ocean troughs


there were no rainbows,


invitation, nonetheless.


At the top of wave crests


a thudder as the propellor


cleared the water,


dropped beads


of icy, pewter grey


from sea-slicing blades.



Behind her, in the west,


lights blinked,


folded from sight


into a darkening horizon.


Ahead lay nautical miles


of black across Tyne,


Dogger, Fisher until she could


slip through Skaggerak,


guided by the amber beam


of Pater Noster’s light,


piloted by another ship’s


welcoming hoot.

Melanie Perry is a published poet, spoken word performer and writing practitioner from Carmarthenshire. She has two poetry collections- Rum Dark Nights, (2017), published by Three Throated Press and the bilingual English/Swedish Sound the Hollow/Det Håligas ljud (2018) published by Magnus Grehn Förlag, Sweden- which feature work inspired by the landscape, natural world and personal events. She is a Director of write4word which promotes the development of writers and the development of people through writing, and is co-presenter of Poems and Pints at The Queens, one of south Wales leading open mic events.  In addition to working therapeutically with a range of groups and individuals in Wales, Mel works alongside the Swedish arts organisation Kultivera to co-produce Young Writers Lab which has supported young people throughout the Jönköping region to create and enjoy their own writing.