M Kavin

Breakable Blessings

Ignited in this confidential stage

as an observer,

A world swirls inside me;

swallowing my resilient soul and

emitting a void fulfilment.


But nothing kept me escaped;

as an intelligent liar

I was trying to fool my double sided body

with my fabricated wit;

when the senses were running

front and back on the tracks

of this resting flesh.


What is appealing?

Spending these senseless dawns

putting my toil

to endure my curses

laid under these changing skies;

in the chants of a changing heart.

This is the vision nailed

inside a born performer

in front of the dry eyes.


Velvet greens and marginalised stars.

Dramatic Sky
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Kavin is a 15 year old poet and song lyricist from India. His poems are inspired by the writings of Louis Gluck and King Solomon. He deeply observes human lives and their varying fates. He crafts concept albums and lyrics for singers. 

For more information visit his IG page.