Rock Balancing

In. Place.


Lynn Clausen

Agate, all blue-black and pale stripes, is positioned within my mouth, grating against my teeth, holding my tongue.  Till I am ready to speak again.  A jet bracelet to bind me to new roots.  The quartz woven within my braid to help lift my spirit out when I rise again.  My skin has been oiled to a gleam, seal-skin smooth.  It resonates, still seemingly alive with breath, catching the light of the guttering torch flames which witness the earth-rooting of me. 

          As an arrow, tip first, into the Otherworld, I am placed within the prepared and slightly shifting space.  My eyes are fixed open.  Arms stiff-outstretched, fingers unfurled.  I am eased in with great care.  Sand.  Beneath nails, in the crease of elbow, hair flattened against my skin, in tight frond-coils. I must not be damaged in any way.  I must be able to return in dreams and visions.  


          In.  Place.  

          Stones, smooth and grey and flat are placed upon the upturned soles of my feet, so I don’t lose my way. The leather thong around my left ankle is left exposed and wrapped around the heaviest weight.   I am now the stepping-stone between worlds.  I, who had my flesh-life eased away from me, access to a life knowing love and child, stopped-up.  Stilled.


          My people leave.

          My time now.  My final body-space. I will be left to settle and transform, for at least twelve turns of the moon. 

          In.  Place.

          To wait.

          To speak again.

Lynn Clausen: Following a 20-year teaching career as a drama specialist and English teacher, Lynn gained her MA in creative writing and started-up as a creative freelancer, in and around south Powys and Monmouthshire.  More recently, she has been developing her work online as both a tutor and course facilitator.  She is also hoping and planning to set up a CIC to deliver creative community projects, with a focus on living history, life-story writing and writing for well-being sessions.  Lynn takes great pleasure in her role as a director with the Abergavenny Writing Festival for which she also runs a youth writing competition.  When not at work (looking for it or delivering it) she continues to feed her curiosity for ancient history and is a bit of a magpie when it comes to all things rooted in landscape, memory and myth.