Imogen Davies

Doused Drunk

The bulb dribbles to a dim.

Tears of light draw and drip

From the ceiling’s sun.

Drooling a trickle,

Little by little,

Into their cans and cups.

Beads of bright


A ripple

Of giggles and drunken riddles

Through the room.

Casting creases of conversation

Cut by a clink – a bump – a scratch

Of bobbing bottles and beer caps

That punctuate the gossip scraps.

In clustering close

You catch the last droplet of light

Slip to the tip of her nose,

To her lips –

And when smiling at your remark,

She drains the room to dark.

Champagne Foam
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Imogen Davies is a student of French, Spanish, and Catalan at Durham University. Currently on her year abroad and apart from her beloved hometown of Aberystwyth, she is exploring Barcelona as an English Language Assistant with the British Council. Her work has appeared in Aberystwyth’s Ego Magazine and Durham’s student paper, The Palatinate.