John C. Lloyd & George Sandifer-Smith

Well Inspection


If blood-soaked sand, broken ribs, cut

funding that leaves trolleys of chokers

like unattended shopping

in disinfected corridors,

no parking for the staff


means nothing but the absence

of good – then goodness is a fizzing well

of kindness. A grandmother shows

a toddler a pig in two dimensions

to shrieks in the quiet carriage.


That sort of thing? That same lined hand

types “bomb the boats”, pushes votes

through that end in colossal baggage

hefty as a thousand Windrushes

filling a generation’s aorta.

John C Lloyd is a Welsh writer and filmmaker. He has a popular following for various properties, most recently The Man In The Hat, a multimedia avant-garde science-fiction project utilising social media and short films accessible through YouTube. He also writes a blog on film and its history and context, The Science of Cinema, and is a keen apiarist in his spare time. You can keep up with his various creative projects on Twitter, where his handle is @JohnCLloyd4.

George Sandifer-Smith is a Welsh writer and lecturer. His poetry has appeared in various journals and magazines including New Welsh Review, The Stockholm Review, The Lampeter Review, Ink Sweat and Tears, Black Bough, Ayaskala Magazine, The Daily Drunk, Melted Butter Magazine, Re:side, Wet Grain, and numerous anthologies including Poems from Pembrokeshire (Seren Books, 2019), To The Sofa And Back Again (Roath Writers Group, 2020), and Hit Points (Broken Sleep Books, 2021). You can follow him on Twitter, where his handle is @SandiferSmith.