Emma Morgan

Meat Cuts

The Omnivores

I see off-white bones,

I see yellowed flesh,

I see pinkish blood,

Under crisp hairy skin,

A carcass that harboured a soul,

A being,

And now it’s on my plate


Others tuck in,

Chewing pieces of gristle,

Tearing through tough ligaments,

Smacking their lips at the taste

of vessels once feeling now just pathogens,

This an exploitation of nature,

And – for now – it’s on my plate


Soon it will run out

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Emma Morgan is 25 and lives in Cardiff. She is a newcomer to poetry having recently found solace in the structure of verse for processing emotions. She was drawn to poets of the Romantic and Modernist period in her English degree and her interest in community, mental health and the environmental sector have inspired these pieces. Her work so far has not been seen by many, but the death of her Grandad inspired moving words encouraging her to share her work wider than her inner circle.