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David Pearce

Whispered words pulse through the veins of time,

returning to the heart from which they bled.

And every drop of love that has been shed

reflects that I am yours and you are mine.


The span of life we shared is but a drop

of blood, released from time's great beating heart.

But we do not control the progress of that dart

of time that pierces all and will not stop

until the end of love, the end of time.

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David Pearce is a Swiss writer whose stories have appeared in Purple Wall, rabidwritingThe Dog Tales of Bowling Green, and notanothercyclingforum. He has just finished a book recreating certain Breton legends, which is now with the illustrator. A collection of his short stories is soon to be published. Currently, he is working on a dramatisation of the trial of Jeanne d'Arc presided over by Pontius Pilate.