Laughing Man

And for our next act

Damien Posterino

They say I need

to laugh more


But what if

it’s the wrong type?


I sit here

listening to people


My ears are

pricked balloons


Deflated by their

vanilla anecdotes


Amusing nobody

but themselves


I get the giggles

at funerals


How I hope I have

the last laugh too


Not forced to get

the joke anymore


Someone laughed hard

at something they didn’t hear


It reminded me

of so many filtered sunsets


Smear your lens

with lots more Vaseline


I tried to

laugh again recently


It sounded

a bit maniacal


In the mirror

there was an audience


Waiting for

the punch line

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Damien Posterino (he/him) is a poet currently writing full time in Mexico. Damien is Melbourne born but has also made London his home. His poetry explores themes of characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. He has been published in recent editions of Jupiter Review, Fairy Piece Magazine and Poetic Sun Journal. You can find him on Twitter at