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ASP Literary Journal

Welcome all to another issue of the ASP Literary Journal, Issue #10. Unfortunately, we are back to our problem of no poetry editor. So a smaller edition of the journal this quarter. Once again if there are any poets in our readership who would care to volunteer for a stint one quarter (or more) as our poetry editor, please email me.

While you're visiting our journal, why not pop into our shop and purchase some archive copies of the journal or Jack's book of gruesome short stories. Also coming soon, 'The Displaced' by Sharif Gemie, the story of two young lovers caught in the turmoil of post-war Nazi Europe - a harrowing tale of love, loss & hope. Due for publication late Autumn and you can pre-order your copy now, from the shop.

Enough chat - time to read - So, dip in, stay for as long as you like, or have time for. Remember we are always here, if you only have time for one story now, maybe another time you’ll have time for a longer stay. Enjoy, have fun and we hope the content remains with you long after you have left.


Dogs Darnborough, Editor-in-Chief.

© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.
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© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.


October 7th 2023

Jack T Canis - 'What did you do during

                   the war, Daddy?'

Pat Coates - 'A Snail's Pace'

Sharif Gemie - 'Gran's Story'

Chris Grebe - 'Conduit'

Sarah Das Gupta - 'Transformation'

Frances Hay - 'The Night Choir'

Anthony O'Donovan - 'Hole'

Niles Reddick - 'Segway'

Terry Trowbridge - 'Strawberries in


October 7th 2023

© 2021 'Art' image by Danielle Farrington. All Rights Reserved.

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