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ASP Literary Journal

Welcome all to another issue of the ASP Literary Journal, Issue #9. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie Biggs for leaping into the breach for this issue. Jackie has been a guest poetry editor before for us and it was a great pleasure, and no uncertain relief, when she agreed to act as editor for this edition. We are back to the situation of having an open call from the poetry community for volunteers to act as guest editors. So, if there's anyone reading this who fancies a go, or knows a poet who might be interested, please email me.

While you're visiting our journal, why not pop into our shop and purchase some archive copies of the journal or Jack's book of gruesome short stories. Also coming soon, 'The Displaced' by Sharif Gemie, the story of two young lovers caught in the turmoil of post-war Nazi Europe - a harrowing tale of love, loss & hope.

Enough chat - time to read - So, dip in, stay for as long as you like, or have time for. Remember we are always here, if you only have time for one story now, maybe another time you’ll have time for a longer stay. Enjoy, have fun and we hope the content remains with you long after you have left.


Dogs Darnborough, Editor-in-Chief.

© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.
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© Copyright, ASP, Abergavenny Small Press. All rights reserved.


July 8th 2023

Patrick Anderson  -  'For his own good'

Maggie Bayne  -  'Gourmet Delight'

Pat Coates  -  'A Shaft of Light'

Lincoln Hirn  -  'Better than OK'


Suzy Hobson   -  'Bathing Belle'

S E Morgan   -  'Cranogwen'


Michael Ponsford  -  'Crossing'

Lorna Roberts   -  'Wyndham Hall'

July 8th 2023

William Doreski  -  'Elemental


                          'Another Brave New

                          World'; Kumimanu at


Deborah Gaudin  -  'Aurora'; 'Right up

                           my street'; 'Long


John Grey  -  'Status'; 'At the Chick Flick'

Suzy Hobson  -  'The man who slept in

                       his car'

Cassandra Jordan  -  'Distance'; 'Hymn';

                             'The Grove'

Jon Summers  -  'Stained'; 'What is there


J S Watts  -  'Voice Hunter'; 'Unhooking'; 

                 'Mother through a mirror, 


© 2021 'Art' image by Danielle Farrington. All Rights Reserved.

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