David Morgan-Davies

'I Wander'

Part of the Stroud based Walking the Lands Sacred Space: two metre distancing project: 

'21 artists in lockdown respond to “social distancing” in their various ways. Using collage, they consider what they cherish around them, what they really miss, and how their experience during the pandemic might become a call for positive change'.

"My input to the project 'I wander' is based around a series of random walks that complied with the allowed one hour restricted exercise.

Essentially I walked for thirty minutes, took two pictures on a Fuji instant film camera (like Polaroid) and returned home, recording the route on the Ordnance Survey mapping App. You can read more and see the pieces I created here": 


The four photographs below are previously unpublished works taken from the 'I wander' project.

'I wander'

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David Morgan-Davies uses photography and film to explore ideas about a landscape or environments he has a personal connection with. Since moving back to South Wales in 2019, he has been re-connecting with the area he left as a child. Often investigating what isn’t there, just as much as what is. He follows a ‘less is more’ approach that hints at human activity. 


David likes to mix black and white with colour, analogue with digital and to experiment with collage and printing techniques. The images included in the ASP Literary Journal were taken on an instant film camera near the River Usk & The Blorenge. They are part of his lockdown project ‘I wander’, which documents a series of one hour restricted walks he made from his home in Abergavenny.


Since completing an MA in Communication Media in 2006 and a one-year fellowship at the University of the West of England (UWE), David has have shown his work throughout the UK. In 2018/19 he worked as lead artist on an exchange project between Bristol and Hannover to celebrate 70 years of twinning between the cities. This spring he was part of Shutterhub’s ‘Post cards from Great Britain’ project in Haarlem in the Netherlands, and had a solo show ‘Another Surface’ at Gallery at Home near Usk.


website:  http://davemd.co.uk

instagram: @DMorganDavies