Glass Blowing Techniques1

Stourbridge Glassworks

by Mary Senier

from breath, billows a vase

find art in the dark of a lung

from the pit's cruel pitch

to the dim Red Cone


sighing life


sighing soul


into glass

The old oak tree

by Mary Senier

gnarled and knotted

the old oak tree

wears her leaves

like a green feather boa


when the wind whistles

its long cat call

she waggles her fingers

and giggles


her laughter is coarse

as an unsanded plank

full of splinters and

mildew and



her perfume rainwater

Soft Summer Showers

matte moss lipgloss

and lichen suction


a subtle tattoo

she possibly regrets


woz here


Mary Senier is a twenty-five year old Psychology graduate. Her poetry is previously unpublished. Mary was born and raised in the Midlands where her mother, grandparents, and a supportive cast of teachers encouraged her passion for writing from a very early age. After moving to the idyllic seaside town of Aberystwyth for her studies, her love of poetry in particular continued to grow. Mary's poems often center around ideas of place, nostalgia for childhood, and the conflict of feeling at home in a place that is not her own.