Rebecca Charles



Like chilli flakes

   that ignite   the insides    of your mouth


 sand     pricked  the bottom

of my flat   soft feet.

 Minerals  spread    amongst my toes

    transmitting   radiance       clarity

    tickling the arch    of my skin.


The oasis of beauty    spread itself      in front of me

      I want to      swoosh my hands in

      I want to      dine with the waves

      I want my      clothes   to dilute

      into layers      of bubbles and blue

   absorb natures     finest instruments.


If you let    the precious symphony

   into   your mental madness

you can feel     what once was

   fizzle     froth away    into a landscape

    far more   superior    than I.


If you want to


If you want it   enough

   the purity

   that fills   the air around     will immerse you  

               it will alleviate

 but only     if you see

with an open heart


how     she can help


how she can help you   survive


   if you want to   survive.

Rebecca Charles is based in Cwmbran and works as a cunning pastry chef. On days off she normally writes and catches up on reading. Alongside writing she likes to draw and occasionally dabble in yoga, runs in the rain and building dens for her beloved cat, Whiskey. She creates best at witching hour and edits in daylight, posting daily through her online handle rlcwriting, and recently providing audio versions of her material via YouTube.


Rebecca posted her first poem 'Worry wort'', just under 2 years ago and has continued to share her rawness across multiple channels whilst entering different competitions.

Rebecca is working on a series of chapbooks as well as poetry movies which will be ready come the end of 2021, which continue to touch upon subjects that appear locked away.